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Echo chambers are dangerous because they only promote things with which you already agree.

Escaping from the echo chambers

By Grace Bleakney, Staff writer January 15, 2021

In my house, talking about politics and current events is dinner-time conversation. It is a conversation that I am proud to say my family is able to have. I am proud that we are able to debate and converse,...

The U.S. Capitol is a cherished symbol of what the country represents.

A memory tarnished

By Kirsten Evans, Staff writer January 10, 2021

After a speech by President Donald J. Trump on Wednesday near the White House, thousands of his supporters marched to the Capitol after he instructed them to do so. What started as a protest as Congress...

Rioters stormed the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday as members of Congress were ratifying Electoral College results.

Time for impeachment … again

By Tessa Donohue, Staff writer January 7, 2021

President Donald J. Trump inspired a violent mob to attack the U.S. Capitol and our democracy on Wednesday in opposition to the confirmation of Joe Biden’s election as President. His actions are unacceptable...

AMSA sits empty and seniors see their final high school year quietly fading away.

Mourning a senior year lost

By Meaghan McDonald, Photo editor April 30, 2020

How long has it even been since we left school?  How much time do we have left?  Although these questions run through the mind of every AMSA student, the future is even more uncertain for the senior...

In a month-and-a-half, subway platforms and city streets have become deserted amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

The day the Earth stood still

By Connor Woodsmall, Co-editor April 27, 2020

When we all woke up on the morning of March 11, nothing felt out of the ordinary. Sure, there were rumblings about COVID-19, a novel strain of coronavirus, potentially postponing or canceling major sporting...

The college bribery scandal extended even to the halls of Stanford University.

The wealthy flat-out stole college spots for their undeserving children

By Kimsoo Gopnik, Photo editor April 24, 2019

Hard-working and determined students. Students who work their tails off to have any hope of getting into a good college. These are the students who should be getting a solid higher education. But maybe...

Middlebury College in Vermont is among the authors college choices.

We care way too much about where we go to college

By Emma Cohen, Editor in chief March 20, 2019

It’s often the first question high school seniors are faced with when they meet someone for the first time: “So where are you going to college?” Besides the fact that the question gets old,...

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