Spotlight on West African drumming

December 11, 2019 The Arrow 0

BY ABBY CHARRON Canton Middle School that everyone is looking to sign up for. Not only does this experiential teach students in 8th grade basic musical skills, it also includes culture, auditory senses, and opportunities […]


Town of Canton 2019 Election Special

October 30, 2019 The Arrow 0

On November 5, the Town of Canton will hold local elections to fill the seat of First Selectman, and seats on the Board of Education, Board of Finance, and the Board of Selectmen. On October […]


VSCO fever

October 23, 2019 The Arrow 0

BY ABBY CHARRON, LAURA DIMARTINO, AND RACHEL SULLIVAN Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook are all well known social media platforms; however, one social media platform that has skyrocketed within the past year is VSCO. VSCO is […]


“Fast food culture” in high schools

May 23, 2019 The Arrow 0

BY AMANDA HEPBURN, ERIC SCHAFER, RACHEL SKINNER The sound of crinkling McDonald’s wrappers and the smell of sugary donuts is becoming more and more common in American high schools as the school cafeteria does not […]

Creative Challenge

The Bermuda Triangle is still a mystery

May 23, 2019 The Arrow 0

BY LAUREN ESCHENBRENNER There are many phenomena about which we know very little.  Among them is the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle. What really happens to those who venture within its boundaries?  What happened to […]

Creative Challenge

Eternal questions

February 21, 2019 The Arrow 0

BY LAURAINE NICHOLLS I have questions, and for as long as I could remember, I have always seemed to have them. My questions change as I grow older. Some people will notice simple things and […]


Making the intangible tangible

January 25, 2019 The Arrow 0

BY RYAN SCAFURI Think of some of the greatest leaders in sports history — Derek Jeter, Tom Brady, and Dustin Pedroia just to name a few. All of these men were some of the greatest […]

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