Making the intangible tangible

Fluckiger looking to wrap up and pin an opponent in a junior year match. Photo courtesy of Braydon Fluckiger and the Fluckiger family. Used with permission.


Think of some of the greatest leaders in sports history — Derek Jeter, Tom Brady, and Dustin Pedroia just to name a few. All of these men were some of the greatest talents in their respective sports when they played, and their names are often invoked when people discuss who the greatest player of all time is. All of these players had incredible talent and natural ability to perform at their positions. But in order to be leaders and captains they needed to possess something else. Something no statistic can track and no player is just born with. They possess the intangibles.

When looking across the many teams that compose the athletics here at Canton High, it’s apparent that all the teams have a captain. But you would be hard pressed to find a captain more widely respected across the sports he plays than Braydon Fluckiger. A one time football captain and entering his second season as captain of the wrestling team, Fluckiger has won the respect of his teammates and captains in the captaincy vote three times over. But it wasn’t something just given to Fluckiger. He recalls what he was like prior to high school, saying “I worked hard to achieve my figure, to not just be big but to become strong around my size. I didn’t just get here, I worked to get here.” An athlete that never settles with where they are and is never content with being average, Fluckiger is looking to leave a lasting legacy across Canton Sports.

A natural leader, Fluckiger acknowledges how lucky he is to have been born with a natural athleticism about him. However, he believes that is only 25% of the battle. The other 75% he has worked to achieve and spent many countless hours of practice and dedication to achieve. This dedication is something clearly appreciated by his teammates, especially on the gridiron. Among a large and talented senior class that set many statistical records across their careers, Fluckiger was chosen as one of only four captains for his senior season. Recalling the feeling, Fluckiger said, “It was amazing, such an honor when you look at that locker room. To say I was chosen amongst such a great group is truly humbling.”.A presence both on and off the field,  the intangibles that make someone a leader are incredibly valuable, because they continue to follow someone throughout their life.

When Fluckiger looks at his future and where he wants to go in life, he acknowledges how valuable being looked to as a leader is when moving forward. Of standing out above the crowd, Fluckiger says, “My greatest fear is just being a part of a crowd and not being noticed. When you’re a leader, people remember you.” Standing out among the crowd can be incredibly beneficial, especially when the person standing out is looked to as someone people want to partner with and emulate.That is how the intangibles are made to be tangible. Something possessed by so few can prove to so incredibly beneficial, on the many sports fields in the world and all the way into the workforce.


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