VSCO fever

October 23, 2019 The Arrow 0

BY ABBY CHARRON, LAURA DIMARTINO, AND RACHEL SULLIVAN Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook are all well known social media platforms; however, one social media platform that has skyrocketed within the past year is VSCO. VSCO is […]

Arts & Literature

Artist Profile: Logan Haynes

May 18, 2018 The Arrow 0

BY EVAN MINGO Logan Haynes is a sophomore at Canton High School, and a budding photographer. First getting started in photography in high school, he has agreed to share and talk about his favorite pictures […]


Hold Hands Through It

May 18, 2018 The Arrow 0

BY MADELYNN DUNAHOO It’s life with ups and downs It’s how it goes Why is an answer that nobody knows But there is one thing that I know that is forever Things may be difficult […]


Are Lockdowns Safe?

March 22, 2018 The Arrow 0

BY CASSIE CARLEY The recent school shooting on February 14, 2018 at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida has sparked serious debates about gun control as well as the safety of lockdown procedures on school […]


Black Panther – An Empowering Blockbuster

March 17, 2018 The Arrow 0

BY LAUREN ESCHENBRENNER The Marvel Cinematic Universe has done it again – they have made a movie that’s blowing off the charts. Most importantly, they’ve made a movie with character representation, and that matters in […]


Humans of Canton

May 26, 2017 The Arrow 0

Oluwafemi Taiwo (Femi) – Class of 2020 Do you consider yourself to be a grown up? No, because like we have to finish high school. I think that we have to finish high school to […]