Do You Know Where Your Data Is?

April 26, 2018 The Arrow 0

BY JULIA TARINELLI Google knows everywhere I’ve been within the last year. My Google data summary displays my vacations in Montreal and Maine, college visits in Massachusetts, and the band trip to Disney World as […]


The High School Vaping Problem

March 22, 2018 The Arrow 0

BY BEN RUSH Vaping, an activity that saw its name declared Oxford’s “Word of the Year” and added to Oxford English Dictionary, has only recently seemed to find its way to schools across America. In […]


To Stand or Not to Stand

March 17, 2018 The Arrow 0

People in the United States of America have been standing for the National Anthem since May 15, 1862, when people rose for the anthem to open a baseball game in Brooklyn, New York. In 1892, […]


Old Enough to Vote?

March 14, 2017 The Arrow 0

VOTE by Theresa Thompson, (2008) – Creative Commons attribution  BY LAURAINE NICHOLLS On March 23, 1971, Congress passed the 26th amendment giving United States citizens 18 years of age or older the right to vote. The 26th amendment was […]


Post Election Dynamics

February 28, 2017 The Arrow 2

illustration by Olivia Eckert BY OLIVIA ECKERT The coming of teenage political interest The 2016 election has introduced discussion regarding some of the more controversial issues generation Y has seen in its time. With new, effective […]