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December 11, 2019 The Arrow 0

BY THERESE McCLAIN Fear can control you. It can be of a person, an object, a  place. But for her it was different. She had let herself be consumed by her inner thoughts. She had […]

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Hook, Line, and Sinker

September 25, 2019 The Arrow 0

BY LEN LANGE Dramatic. That was her favorite word, wasn’t it? It certainly seemed as much, given she’s said it twelve times in the past five minutes. He’s done little more than slink back as […]

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I am unfiltered dirt

April 25, 2019 The Arrow 0

BY MADELYNN DUNAHOO HEEYOUNG 희영 I am unfiltered dirt I am unfiltered dirt That lays beneath the earth. I am unfiltered dirt- What is my worth. Inside me are rocks And many rough edges, Round, […]

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The possibility of a dream

January 16, 2019 The Arrow 0

BY ANDREW OBRZUT A plan is a realistic outline for a generally probable event. It is logical. It is realistic. It can be accomplished. A dream is a wish, a whisper on the breath of […]

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Miracles Never Cease

December 6, 2018 The Arrow 0

BY MADELYNN DUNAHOO Miracles never cease They happen every day Is all that I can say You may not see them ‘Cause they may be small It may seem like nothing at all They come […]


Artist Profile: Rachel Tarinelli

October 4, 2018 The Arrow 0

BY RACHEL TARINELLI Art has been one of my favorite pastimes for as long as I can remember. I don’t remember exactly when I began taking art seriously, as opposed to being just a hobby, […]

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The Search

October 4, 2018 The Arrow 0

BY MADELYNN DUNAHOO I am looking for myself it’s not as easy as finding a book on a shelf not as easy as learning to write or spell my own name the amount of difficulty […]

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Artist Profile: Logan Haynes

May 18, 2018 The Arrow 0

BY EVAN MINGO Logan Haynes is a sophomore at Canton High School, and a budding photographer. First getting started in photography in high school, he has agreed to share and talk about his favorite pictures […]

Arts & Literature

A Chicken’s Tale

March 17, 2018 The Arrow 0

BY JADYN IDE-PECHE My eyes peeled open at the sound of my sisters bellowing squawk.  “Jenny…” She screeched. I searched clumsily for my glasses, knocking over my lamp in the process. I jumped down from […]

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