Canton schools celebrate Veteran’s Day

December 11, 2019 The Arrow 0

BY LAUREN ESCHENBRENNER, MARA LLOYD, and KAYLEY PASKO On November 8, 2019, Canton High School celebrated Veteran’s Day with a school-wide assembly, which included music, speeches, a video, and special guests.  Canton High School’s Social […]


Spotlight on West African drumming

December 11, 2019 The Arrow 0

BY ABBY CHARRON Canton Middle School that everyone is looking to sign up for. Not only does this experiential teach students in 8th grade basic musical skills, it also includes culture, auditory senses, and opportunities […]


Why homework does not equal better learning

December 11, 2019 The Arrow 0

BY MARA LLOYD Along with school, occasional stress and anxiety are parts of any American teenager’s life. It’s well-established that there is a connection between the two— there’s already plenty of evidence to support that. […]

Arts & Literature


December 11, 2019 The Arrow 0

BY THERESE McCLAIN Fear can control you. It can be of a person, an object, a  place. But for her it was different. She had let herself be consumed by her inner thoughts. She had […]