Starry Night

March 24, 2017 The Arrow 0

photograph by Marsha Jorgensen BY MARSHA JORGENSEN The Canton Schools’ annual Astronomy Night at Cherry Brook Primary School, after having  been delayed numerous nights due to cloudy skies, finally took place on March 9.  Over 20 […]


Humans of Canton

March 23, 2017 The Arrow 0

Shian Earlington, 2019 “There’s a lot of figures I look up to in life, but specifically my mom. Because she taught me not to put up with anybody’s BS and to speak my mind and […]


Why They March

March 21, 2017 The Arrow 0

Demonstrators at the Women’s March on Washington in Washington, D.C., January 21, 2017 – Wikipedia BY ANGELA TODD In many people’s opinions, women’s rights is an issue that is both necessary to address and overdue […]


Old Enough to Vote?

March 14, 2017 The Arrow 0

VOTE by Theresa Thompson, (2008) – Creative Commons attribution  BY LAURAINE NICHOLLS On March 23, 1971, Congress passed the 26th amendment giving United States citizens 18 years of age or older the right to vote. The 26th amendment was […]


He Said, She Said

March 9, 2017 The Arrow 0

photograph by Kasey Charron BY KASEY CHARRON High schools often act as cesspools for social drama, and Canton High School is no exception. Even though drama can be necessary as our values grow and change, […]


Students Experience Spanish Culture

March 9, 2017 The Arrow 0

Happy travelers – photograph by Meagan Laudenslager BY MEAGAN LAUDENSLAGER Imagine getting on a plane and waking up in a different country where there are palm trees, a new smell in the air, and people […]