• Creative Challenge

    Eternal questions

    BY LAURAINE NICHOLLS I have questions, and for as long as I could remember, I have always seemed to have them. My questions change as I grow older. Some people will notice simple things and [...]
  • Athletes

    Making the intangible tangible

    BY RYAN SCAFURI Think of some of the greatest leaders in sports history — Derek Jeter, Tom Brady, and Dustin Pedroia just to name a few. All of these men were some of the greatest [...]
  • Features

    The perks of patience

    BY RYAN SCAFURI Sometimes the payoff for a long time of team building and craft perfection can be incredibly frustrating. In other cases it can cause a team to question if what they are doing [...]
  • Creative Challenge

    Lucid dreaming: what is it?

    BY LAUREN ESCHENBRENNER If you were given the choice to control your dreams, would you? Would you want to experience your greatest successes with the ability to control the outcome? Or would you want to [...]
  • Arts & Literature

    The possibility of a dream

    BY ANDREW OBRZUT A plan is a realistic outline for a generally probable event. It is logical. It is realistic. It can be accomplished. A dream is a wish, a whisper on the breath of [...]
  • Features

    Community reporting with John Fitts

    BY TIGGER KLUESSENDORF If you read anything in the local community newspaper or attend community events in the Farmington Valley area, chances are you have heard or read about John Fitts. John Fitts has been [...]
  • Athletes

    Joey Fitzgerald has a remarkable season

    BY RYAN SCARFURI Few positions in sports are as defined as the American Football defensive end. There is one job on every down, and it changes in only the rarest of circumstances. The job? Find [...]
  • Creative Challenge

    Dream – January’s Creative Challenge

    Dream. A verb and a noun. A sleeping story, an ephemeral moment, a wish, an aspiration, a possibility, something just out of reach… What does dream mean to you?  Consider your interpretation and create your response [...]



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