• Features

    “Fast food culture” in high schools

    BY AMANDA HEPBURN, ERIC SCHAFER, RACHEL SKINNER The sound of crinkling McDonald’s wrappers and the smell of sugary donuts is becoming more and more common in American high schools as the school cafeteria does not [...]
  • Opinion

    Lie until they listen

    BY ALEX COLUMBIA, JAKE LYONS, RYAN SCAFURI Have you ever heard something so blatantly false, you couldn’t help but tell that person just how wrong they were? Now imagine hearing that on your TV everyday, [...]
  • Creative Challenge

    The Bermuda Triangle is still a mystery

    BY LAUREN ESCHENBRENNER There are many phenomena about which we know very little.  Among them is the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle. What really happens to those who venture within its boundaries?  What happened to [...]
  • Opinion

    What motivates evil?

    BY BRIAN CONNOLLY When a person or group of people commit a terrible act against humanity, through torture, killings, or whatever it may be, most people have trouble understanding what motivated such actions to occur. [...]
  • Arts & Literature

    I am unfiltered dirt

    BY MADELYNN DUNAHOO HEEYOUNG 희영 I am unfiltered dirt I am unfiltered dirt That lays beneath the earth. I am unfiltered dirt- What is my worth. Inside me are rocks And many rough edges, Round, [...]
  • Sports

    Canton Girls Basketball 2019 Highlights

    BY LAUREN ESCHENBRENNER Although there was a rough end to the year for the Canton Girls Basketball team, there were positive highlights throughout the season that people tend to forget about. The final championship game [...]
  • Creative Challenge

    Eternal questions

    BY LAURAINE NICHOLLS I have questions, and for as long as I could remember, I have always seemed to have them. My questions change as I grow older. Some people will notice simple things and [...]



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