• Opinion

    Collinsville protest for Black Lives Matter

    BY EMMA MACLAREN The Black Lives Matter movement has taken America by storm. After the murder of George Floyd, protests have erupted all throughout the country to demand justice and equality for Black Americans. The [...]
  • Opinion

    Promoting healthy female identity

    BY GABBIE MARCUCCIO There is a clear struggle to empower young women amid a culture that has shamed them for centuries for one of the most basic aspects of a woman: her sexuality. The rise [...]
  • Reviews

    State parks: which one is right for you?

    BY MARGARET BABBITT Spring is in full bloom and visits to Connecticut’s 110 state parks are on the rise. State parks by definition are places of land which are preserved by the state.  Having so [...]
  • Reviews

    Outer Banks – a must watch

    BY ANNA MILLER The show, “Outer Banks,” was created and written by brothers Josh Pate and Jonas Pate, who happen to reside close to the Outer Banks in North Carolina. In this action packed, teen [...]
  • Opinion

    The fight for rights in the LGBTQ+ community

    BY SADIE BARKER Today’s society has come a long way from what it was even 50 years ago. However, despite the progress, there are still many inequalities in the world. Many minorities today, such as [...]
  • Opinion

    Does technology make us happy?

    BY LIAM O’DONNELL Social media has been marketed as a way to keep friends in touch with each other, and as a result make people happy. With increasing technology one has to wonder if technology [...]
  • Music Department

    Seniors showcase their talent in annual band concert

    BY LAUREN ESCHENBRENNER The annual band concert every February is unique and special, especially for the seniors. Why? Because they pick the theme and entirely plan the night. This concert, PRISMS, is no ordinary repertoire [...]
  • Opinion

    The SAVE club wants to make a difference

    BY MADELYNN DUNAHOO Students Against Violence Everywhere (SAVE) is a new club whose goal is to help students in Canton High School create a safe and more positive environment, in support of Superintendent Kevin Case’s [...]
  • Features

    CMP is over – seniors can finally breathe

    BY LAUREN ESCHENBRENNER On Friday January 17, the seniors of Canton High School completed their presentations correlating to their semester long mastery project. Over the course of the first semester, seniors had to come up [...]



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