• Arts & Literature

    The possibility of a dream

    BY ANDREW OBRZUT A plan is a realistic outline for a generally probable event. It is logical. It is realistic. It can be accomplished. A dream is a wish, a whisper on the breath of [...]
  • Features

    Community reporting with John Fitts

    BY TIGGER KLUSSENDORF If you read anything in the local community newspaper or attend community events in the Farmington Valley area, chances are you have heard or read about John Fitts. John Fitts has been [...]
  • Athletes

    Joey Fitzgerald has a remarkable season

    BY RYAN SCARFURI Few positions in sports are as defined as the American Football defensive end. There is one job on every down, and it changes in only the rarest of circumstances. The job? Find [...]
  • Creative Challenge

    Dream – January’s Creative Challenge

    Dream. A verb and a noun. A sleeping story, an ephemeral moment, a wish, an aspiration, a possibility, something just out of reach… What does dream mean to you?  Consider your interpretation and create your response [...]
  • Features

    The SAD days have begun

    BY LAUREN ESCHENBRENNER As of November 4th, 2018, the clocks “fell back” one hour from Daylight Savings Time to start the shift back to Standard Time. In the summertime, Daylight Savings Time is a great [...]
  • Features

    How some students turn off stress

    BY TORI STIEGMAN School is synonymous with an absurd amount of stress. From worrying about the Chemistry lab worth 10,000 points due next period, to the hassle of friend drama, and even about making sure [...]
  • Opinion

    Your body is not school appropriate

    BY ELLA SHAND and TORI STIEGMAN You wake up in the morning and decide that today is the day to break out your new tank top. You go to school, expecting nothing but compliments, but [...]
  • Reviews

    A tale of Queen

    BY LAUREN ESCHENBRENNER On November 2nd, 2018, the tribute movie to Queen, one of the greatest rock bands of all time, premiered, and portrayed the renaissance of the group. Bohemian Rhapsody is a chronicle of [...]
  • Arts & Literature

    Miracles Never Cease

    BY MADELYNN DUNAHOO Miracles never cease They happen every day Is all that I can say You may not see them ‘Cause they may be small It may seem like nothing at all They come [...]
  • Features

    Veterans share stories of service

    Senior Airman Leslie Dubois Active Duty 1999-2002 Served at Yokota Air Base, Japan; 36 Airlift Squadron C 130 Maintenance supply liaison Currently: In CT Air National guard 103 logistics readiness squadron East Granby,  “I basically [...]



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